Free Shipping When You Buy 3 or more

Free Shipping When You Buy 3 or more

KILMARNOCK Oxford Boxer Shorts

Underwear that feels like it was made from a classic Oxford Shirt.

The fabric of these Oxford Boxer Shorts is lightly brushed for a breathable soft touch that only gets smoother the more you wash it. High absorbency and moisture-wicking properties make it the ideal fabric for underwear. Made of 100% cotton, these cool and comfortable boxers are the perfect choice for those with sensitive skin.

*Made with pride in Japan

Size Guide

Model wears a M (height 6'/ 182cm, weight 75kg)
Model wears a L (height 6'3"/ 190cm, weight 85kg)

*Our size chart follows Japanese standard sizing.

Height (cm) 155-165 165-175 175-190 FREE
Weight (kg) 50-65 55-75 70-90 85-110
Waist (cm) 64-74 74-84 84-94 94-104
Hip (cm) 78-90 84-96 90-102 96-108

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Free Shipping When You Buy 3 or more
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  • Side Slit

    Aligned when standing straight, these side slits provide greater flexibility of movement.

  • Size Guide

    *Model wears a M (height 6'/ 182cm, weight 75kg)

    S size | height 5'6"/ 167cm, weight 60kg
    M size | height 5'10"/ 178cm, weight 72kg
    L size | height 6'1"/ 185cm, weight 77kg
    XL size | height 5'10"/ 178cm, weight 102kg

Free Size Exchanges

  • Underwear Measurements

    We recommend comparing this product measurements to your favorite underwear.


    A(cm/in): S31/12.2, M33/13, L35/13.8, XL37/14.5

    B(cm/in): S36/14.2, M37/14.5, L37.5/14.7, XL39/15.3

    C(cm/in): S30/11.8, M30.5/12, L31/12.2, XL32/12.6


    *In general, US standard sizes are one size bigger than Japanese sizes. European sizes are equivalent to Japanese sizes.